August 01, 2013

18 Things You Didn't Know Caused Problems for Religious Jews

1.  Bar soap
2.  Marshmallows
3.  Card keys
4.  High school football games
5.  Calvin Klein ads
6.  Streets that you have to push a button to cross
7.  Tall apartment buildings
8.  Dining halls
9.  Hand-me-down plates
10.  Fall semester
11.  Those crumbs that fall between the couch cushions
12.  The refrigerator light
13.  Places with neither Jewish communities nor lakes
14.  Ballroom dancing
15.  Motion-sensor things
16.  Dormitory fire codes
17.  Roads that go through an entire town
18.  Candy that is red


  1. Greetings! I came across your blog and was curious.

    I am not Jewish, but was curious how 17. and 18. above pose issues for observant Jews. May I inquire?

    All the best.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading my blog. :)

      On Shabbat, Jews aren't allowed to carry, unless they construct a boundary, usually made from wire (I think) around an area, and then they can carry inside it. But, the area can't be crossed by a road that is beyond a certain width and goes through the entire town.

      Red candy is often colored from a dye made from bugs, which aren't kosher.

    2. I think gelatin is rather more common than bug color. On the other hand, bug color can just say "natural colors" while gelatin says "gelatin." But this way I can accuse you of sensationalism about red candy in particular.

    3. Well, yes. I was trying to come up with things people would find surprising.

  2. what about bar soap? can you not use that on shabbos or something?

    1. Some people don't use it because they don't want to turn a solid into a liquid. I'm not sure of the details. But not washing hands is a health risk. T_T

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  4. Did you used to live in Texas? Do we know each other?