May 06, 2013

It's all about your perspective.

A restaurant in Williamsburg, a Chassidish area in Brooklyn, New York.  Most of this restaurant's seating is like that of any other, but they also have this small area near the wall, set aside.

"It's terrible that this restaurant encourages this warped view of Judaism.  It's good to have rules about modesty, but this is way too much." 

"It's great that this restaurant recognizes these men's desire to uphold a higher level of tznius, and gives them a separate place to sit."

"It's terrible that this restaurant makes these men sit in a corner, facing the wall.  Rather, they should be rewarded for their piety and commitment to tznius, and the main section should be for them."

"It's great that this restaurant allows everyone to sit somewhere where they feel comfortable, whether that's in this section or in the main one."

"It's terrible that this restaurant is so sexist that it actually forbids women from sitting in that area."

"It's great that this restaurant recognizes that if someone wants to take on himself a very strict level of tznius, it's on him to separate himself from the rest of the diners, not on the diners to accommodate him.  It's good that they created a separate section, and left the regular seating alone."

"It's terrible that this restaurant even has a mixed section." 


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2013

    you really captured the idea of 2 Jews 3 opinions as well as the complexity of the situation!