April 18, 2013

Hello World

Welcome to my blog. :)  On this blog, I'll mostly be posting Jewish stuff -- insights, connections I've made in daily life, and some poems.  I'll sometimes post other things, too -- most likely related to urban planning, transit, sustainability, local food, hippie stuff, design, sociology, and social justice issues.  This post is sort of a placeholder (so Google doesn't think I'm a robot again!) but I'll soon have a more substantive post.  It'll probably be about how I define myself Jewishly.  For now, though, I can give you this:  I believe in critical thought, learning, tradition, and pluralism.  I am compelled by halacha (Jewish law) but do not always follow the letter of the law.  I love to daven in the woods.  I eat quinoa on Pesach.

Laila tov!

P.S.  If someone wants to administer the Turing Test, I can prove I'm not a robot.


  1. A great blog title, and no "notis" joke! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and inights.

  2. Such good writing... You seem to have a lot of talent.